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Haiti Flag Lapel Pins

Haiti name The Republic of Haiti, is situated in the northern Caribbean, in Indian signifying "hilly place, one of island country in the Caribbean. Blacks represented 95% of the nation, alleged "dark republic". Occupants are (Catholic pins). The official dialect is (French banner pins) and Creole, 90% of occupants utilize Creole. The capital of Port-au-Prince. It is the world's first autonomous dark country. Significant urban communities: Port-de-Paix, Gonaives. National Day: January 1, Independence Day: 1804 January 1. 


The Haitian banner rectangular, long and wide proportion of 5:3. By what might as well be called two parallel level rectangle on blue under red. The focal point of the substance of the banner is a white rectangle, which painted with the national seal. The shades of the Haitian banner from the French banner. Decorated national insignia of the banner is the official banner. 


Here is the Haiti hail pins: gold plating entire delicate finish pins. Four PMS shading (white, green, red and blue) loaded with high quality one by one. Stamping then cleaning great, making with high caliber. You will look pleasant when you wear this pretty stick. Other comparable pins: Finland Flag Pins, Sweden Flag Pins, Norway Flag Pins.