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Syrian flag lapel pins

Syrian flag lapel pins

The Syrian Arab Republic, in Arabic: الجمهورية العربية السورية, situated in Western Asia, the Levant, North and Turkey flanking the east intersection with Iraq, Jordan abutting the south, southwest and the Lebanese and Palestinian neighbors, Cyprus West and over the Mediterranean ocean. 


After World War I by the French Mandate, 1944 freedom, 1963, drove by the Assad family, the decision Baath party since. Syria is a center wage nation, is situated on the planet's oil and gas abundance of the Middle East's most focal area, the financial circumstance is the principle wellspring of farming, oil, industry and tourism, oil is confronting exhaustion, populace development, the unemployment rate is bit by bit expanded . 


Banner of Syria was more than a rectangle, length and width of 3: 2. The banner start to finish by the red, white, dark three parallel rectangular cross connected structure, there are two distinctive estimated green five-pointed star in the white segment. Hail has an importance: red, white and dark banner of the United Arab Republic tone, showing that Syria had joined the United Arab Republic, the white some portion of the five-pointed star speaks to the quantity of the principal nations to join the United Arab Republic of Syria is the second one, so set apart with two stars. The following is the Syrian banner pins: ordinary straightforward plan as the banner, gold plating with delicate polish. Additionally epoxy surface to ensure the stick.