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3D Soft Enamel Pins

3D Soft Enamel Pins

Product Parms/Size
Size:1.5inch    thickness:1.5mm
Material:zinc alloy
  • 3D Soft Enamel Pins
3D Soft Enamel Pins, wholesale custom 3D design pins filled with soft enamel.
Quality 3D soft enamel pins, the pins is 3D design, custom design welcome.
To fill the soft enamel in 3d lapel pins looks like little difficult, so normally little expansive than the flag pins without the 3D parts.
Workers fill the soft enamel in the engraved recess logos, some time the soft enamel color will be cover on the plated metal lines, and after that they need to clean out the wrong color position to insure not wrong soft enamel color at the wrong place. If there is 3D raised parts, this work will be difficult, they can't clear the surface easy, as you may image for the flat surface, you will very easy to clean the surface like clearn your dest surface.
If there are some not flat part on the badges, that will be like clear the floor with lot of stones on the surface and the stones can't move away.
Certainly the floor with the stone better look than the flat blank surface, that is why people like 3D soft enamel pins than flat pins even the price is little expansve.
There is another thing need to think about, which is the polish surface shinny, like clean the soft enamel color, polish surfae is the same way. It is important to make the hard mold shinny to insure the 3D pins come out with shinny surface no need to use hard power to clearn the surface, it is impossilbe to polish the recess part in the 3d parts.
Hope this make sense for you to lean more about the 3D soft enamel lapel pins.
Feel free contact us to make your custom design soft enamel lapel pins.

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