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Enamel Lions Club Lapel Pins

Enamel Lions Club Lapel Pins

Product Parms/Size
Size:1.5inch    thickness:2.0mm
  • Enamel Lions Club Lapel Pins

The soft enamel pins:

 Lions Club Pin With Soft Enamel, wholesale quality lion pins filled with soft enamel.

Gold plating lion pins, quality guaranteed, include JP flag and the specify content.
This Lions Club pin is for Youth exchange. The mountain Fuji on the top of the pin, snow capped, and blue enamel body, under that is Lions club logo.

The LIONS stands for Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nations' Safety.

In 1917, Melvin Jones found the Lions Clubs International in USA, and now it had over 46000 local clubs and more than 1.4 million members in over 200 countries around the world.

Almost every member have one or more than one Lions club pins.

Each Lions club have their special custom lions club lapel pins, and every member keeps several good look pins.

The lions club logo are two lions at left and right side. Most design to make the two lions to be 3D looking and most design are enamel lapel pins.

In the center there is a letter L and background is blue color.

We can make the lions club lapel pins to be hard enamel or soft enamel, the letters are raised metal lines, and the colors are enamel colors.

Surface finish is gold plating, so it is gold lions club lapel pins.

As lapel pins, the backing is butterfly clutch to fix in your cloth or bags.

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