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Carton Cat Custom Design Lapel Pins

Carton Cat Custom Design Lapel Pins

Custom deisgn carton cat pins, carton cat lapel pins no minimum.

The cat carton is lovely and welcome by the girl students. Before custom design the cat. Let us learn more about the features about the cat.

You can through the observation of cat expression, action, listen to the cry of the cat, popular and vivid language and carefully put the adult cat and strange personality full moon just described vivid lovely naughty kitten, the structure is rigorous, content specific, vivid language. The love of Mr. Lao She to the cat was revealed in the whole line. When the character of Shaoxing cat is in character, it will write out the facts in a plain, simple and no Polish language, which will make the image of the cat more and more full, and the character is more and more distinct, which will impress the readers.

You can design a carton cat more like the real cat which the same with the one live with you. Also can design the cat to be the one live in your mind or dream. Lovely cat custom enamel pin, like a friend.


cartoon cat lapel pins 02.jpgThe feautres of this custom enamel cat pin:

1. Made from iron steel material.

2. Silver or gold plating metal.

3. White or black soft enamel colors, to make out a black and white cat.

4. No Dome epoxy cover the surface.

5. Butterfly clutch back, packed in blank poly bag.



Made from jewlery material, designed with butterfly pin back. This custom design black and white lapel pin filled with soft enamel color, without epoxy. Cut out the cat head shape.

Your custom design cat pin order welcome, small order acceptable. Top quality cheap price lapel pins from reliable factory. 

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