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lapel pins no minimum order

Lapel pins no minimum order,making custom lapel pins without quantity limited. Produce your personalized design lapel pins, small order acceptable.

 Do you need the custom style lapel pins, square measure you are concerned about the order amount is just too small? we will fix the matter for you.

 We square measure professional manufacture of the custom lapel pins, and settle for the tiny custom orders.

How to start the small order?

Custom lapel pins are a interesting and satisfying approach to change your design into a beautiful physical item. however creating out perfect scarfs is out of reach. If you don't sure where to begin. 

We set up together this manual for enable eager individuals to learn details. Clients who have a fantasy or a thought for their own one of a kind personal deisgn enamel pin, yet aren't absolutely certain how to get it going yet.

Where to start?

First of all, insure the supplier is the factory. That will help you save much money for small amount units pins making.

Show them your design, and get the exact price quote for all the cost. Place the order once you agreed each other.



betterfinish-deisgn VS Sample.jpg

betterfinish-Soft Enamel Colors.jpg

betterfinish-Hard Enamel Colors.jpg


betterfinish-Die Struck.jpg




Ask For Promotion Price

1. Free artwork design for the custom lapel pins.

2. Free shipping cost for small order enamel pins.

3. Fast delivery time for the rush order in 7days.

4. Less than US$110 for one inch 50pcs order.

5. Less than US$130 for one inch 100pcs order.

Feel free email us at to start out your custom lapel pins creating.