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Round LOGO lapel pins

Round LOGO Lapel Pin 

Custom Lapel Pins

 Each company or people like the classic and simple design, which is good look and let you feel special.

Round logo, just mean the shape is round and only have the logo no any letters information.

Normally the logo is simple and easy to recogzie by people.

Colors normally 3-4 colors, like: red, green, blue, black and white.

Background is white and with some drawing, simple drawing filled other colors, red, blue for example.


This kind of design pin can be produced out fast and easy and cost less. Certainly very easy to be remember by people.

So business promtion gifts most use this style. When you gift the simple and easy remember custom design business promotion lapel pins to the potention buyers, they will like it and remember it.

And your company also won't cost much budget for this business promotion and advertize.

So why not choose the the simple and classic custom design lapel pins?