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Square Shape lapel pins

Square shape Lapel Pin 

Custom Lapel Pins

Which shape you like? Square shape, round shape or ellipse shape?

If you like square shape, we can give you some ideas of the square shape custom design lapel pins. if you like round or ellipse shape, you can check other artical。

What's the feeling when a square lapel pin in your hand? Do you feel it is serious? Do you feel the company who own this pin is a serious company and the staffs are reliable, right? 

Base on this feeling of the square lapel pins, the designer will add other elements to match this first impression。

White background is good choose for Color matching,most pins with white background and then add your special custom logo, to come out a distinct custom lapel pins.

And the size most are at 1inch diameter. Thickness is at 1.25mm. For promotion, can choose steel material which can be cheaper and heavy enough when you wear on the clothes.