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American flag pins

American flag pins, China factory wholesale American flag lapel pins at cheap price.

Quality American flag pins with soft enamel and epoxy dome.

We produe and wholesale american flag lapel pins no minimum order.

The American banner lapel pin is the most thorough and deductively solid technique for testing people's patriotism to date. 

Shy of wearing a stars and stripes nearby, the banner lapel pin is the speediest style technique for a government official to broadcast his or her patriotism. 

Does having a banner appended to your auto, on your shirt, flying outside your home or generally showed consequently make you energetic? 

Because you streak an American banner does that imply that you really bolster America.


Specification of our American flag pins:

1. Size: one inch length and height, 1.2mm thickness.

2. Material: Iron material or zinc alloy material.

3. Enamel style: Soft enamel 

4. Plating: Gold plating.

5. Backing: Gold butterfly clutch.

6. Packing: Packed in each poly bag.


7. Shipping: By DHL, UPS or FedEx.


We wholesale the American flag pins in lots also, normally US$40/lot, each lot with 100pcs pins.


Certainly for big order, the price will be more cheaper, even at US$0.12/pc for large order.