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Colorful Skull Pins

Colorful Soft Enamel Skull Pins

Colorful Soft Enamel Skull Pins, custom design skull lapel pins no minimum.

It is colorful enamel filled lapel pins, looks like very danger. 

Most of the disadvantaged creatures in the food chain usually use the color that is consistent with their living environment, so that they can be integrated into the environment to avoid the danger from natural enemies. This color or pattern is called "protective coloring".


But some poisonous creatures do their best in the opposite direction. They make their colors very bright. They are very contrasted with the environment. They are very easy to be found by natural enemies or other animals. This is also warning the natural enemy: have you seen it? I'm in danger, don't touch me. This is the result of thousands of years of biological evolution and natural selection. Some people like this colorful skull lapel pin, do they want to tell others, I am danger, don't tough me. 


color full skull pins.jpg


The feautres of this pin:

1. Made from iron steel material.

2. Silver plating metal.

3. Colorfull many soft enamel colors.

4. No Dome epoxy cover the surface.

5. Butterfly clutch back, packed in blank poly bag.



Made from jewlery material, designed with butterfly pin back. This custom design colorful skull pin filled with colorful soft enamel color, without epoxy. Cut out the flower skull shape.

Your custom design horse pin order welcome, small order acceptable. Top quality cheap price. 

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