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Custom print pins

 We are the print pins facotry who can produce the silkscreen print pins, custom print pins at cheap competitive price.


How to design the custom print pins?

When you want to make the custom print pins, please feel free show us your design or logo, so that we can give you the specify suggestion.

Certainly we will protect your custom design or logo won't be copy or made by anyone without your authorization.

We can make the final proof free for your company approval, after the order confirmation.


How to get the cheap quality print pins?

Normally, the cheap print pins made of stainless steel, which can be made out more easily and can be cheaper than cooper print pins. This style print pins is offset print, after printing, there will be added dome epoxy on the surface.


How to design the custom print pins at cheap price?


To save money, it is better to design the standard print pins, like using stainless steel metals, standard attachement using butterfly clutch, certainly the round or square shape is more easy than the print pins with many cut out center parts.


We also can make the quality pins more expansive like the silkscreen print pin with imitaton hard enamel, which will be more expansive.

Please feel free check the catalog to see our productions made before.



Hope you get your satisfied print pins!

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