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Design The Custom Tree Pins

Design The Custom Tree Pins

Tree, the growing of life.

The Indianapolis Art Museum commissioned erected concessions for their 100 acres of land: viriginia b. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park, Swedish construction company visiondivision (Anders berensson and Ulf mejergren), realized "chopsticks", designed a general concept based on what you need to sacrifice in order to make new thing.


    "Every product is a different compound of nature, whether it is mobile phones, cars, a stone floor or wood, they are in one way or another. Our project is about to harvest something as soft as possible so that the source is displayed in a pure Teaching and respecting the way to respect the source itself and everyone to visit the building, "the architect said, what we are harvesting.


    The choice of raw material structure is a 100-foot tall poplar tree, Indiana state tree, which is considered to be its beautiful, respectable scale and good performance for hardwood. Visiondivision finds her ideal tree, Anderson, Indiana, turns it into a useful building.


    The trunk of the trunk part of the tree is shipped to the park's website, where it is banned level beam, the structure is almost entirely tree itself. Remove the bark from its surface so that it does not belong to the bystander, a process that naturally occurs in the moisture content of the wood, causing the shrinking tree and bark to lose its grip. The craftsmen relaxed the bark of the whole cylinder from the trunk, then razed it to the ground, cut the length of the standard tile, carefully stacked and under pressure to avoid curling. Stack, then dry the proper moisture content, disinfect, and keep it in climate control until ready to use. Trees are herpes zoster is very durable and continues to 80 years old and is free to repair. Once the landing, the wooden tree is extracted and used by the various parts of the canteen, the entire building's support structure, pillars and studs, the wobbled children, benches and tables are placed under the tree under the tree, Make the branch of the special fixture will hang. On a smaller level, berensson and mejergren are exploring the way so that they can use the tree in the franchise booth, including its root system, the system is separate trees that are cut down when the rest of the tree. For example, the roots have a lot of food features, such as rotting bark, can be used to make tea, tonic, etc., in the pavilion sales. Press the structure from the leaves of the tree and the flowers on the front glass as ornaments. It is also possible to extract honey from poplar flowers. The branches are cut less than 5 inches in diameter to prevent final decay, and those that are still in use, such as the legs of the table and chairs, or asdust as insulation.


    Extract from the tree of poplar tree syrup, will be sold from the self-service station, so that visitors have the opportunity to "eat" the building.