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Hand Shaped Hard Enamel Victory Pins

Hand Lapel Pins

Hand Shaped Hard Enamel Pins, custom design hard enamel hand lapel pins no minimum

This pin size is one inch, made from iron material. Packed in plastic box. The enamel victory hand lapel pin is best promotion gift for the business promotion event.

The separation of the index finger and middle finger, forming the word "V", has now become a popular gesture of victory in the world. Many people like wearing the victory lapel pins, the hard enamel color custom victory pins.

But many people do not know who invented this gesture.

The origin of V culture has the following statements:

(1) at the end of eighteenth Century and early nineteenth Century, the world-famous Austria Jewish Medical Family - Bourne victor.

(Byrne.Victor) the family, in the long-term research and development process, in the achievement of a breakthrough, Bourne Victor

In order not to break that particular quiet atmosphere, researchers only use gesture V to convey their congratulations. Since then, in the long course of history, every time the V family has survived the crisis or achieved results, they have raised 2 "high" words in celebration.

Many years of habitual gestures during the Nazi reign, in the harsh environment of the exclusion of Jews, Byrne Victor laboratory researchers with V gesture, but more profound meaning - victory is in sight. In July 1938, Nazi Germany surrounded the Rothschild hospital. As a physician, Witt raised his double "V" to give all the Jews and patients the confidence to escape from the hospital. At this moment, all the people in the hospital raised their hands V words, and soon spread all over Austria and even europe.



Hand Shaped Lapel Pins


Made from zinc alloy process, filled with hard enamel color. Plated Gold and Silver Color. Designed with butterfly pin back. This custom design custom hand pins filled with hard enamel color, flat surface. Cut out the custom design hand shape.

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