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Happy Sweet Lollipop Pins For Lovely Girls

Soft Enamel Lollipop Lapel Pins

Gift sweet lollipop pins to your lovely girl. You may get back sweet kiss. Our soft enamel lollipop pins cheap price no minimum.

Come on, give your mouth for a sweet seed, wake up happy sweet, sweet sleep safely, I would have a happy every day, you should be happy, then don't forget me, I eat it, sweet candy, I won't damage your teeth Oh kiss kiss.

Lollipop writing lollipop. for the first time in the form of lolly-pop in 1784. A little hard candy. It was obvious that the lollypops was not like a lollipops today. For some people, with a candy in their mouth, the stick of the candy from the lips has become a fashionable sign. The lollipops inventor is Enrique Bernard Fonlyadosa. The first is a hard candy inserted in a stick, and later developed a lot more fun variety, not only children love lollipop, some adult will eat. Type of gel candy, hard candy, milk candy, chocolate and milk with fruit.

Lollipop lapel pins are popupar during the girl students. Whey girls like the lollipop pins?

Because lollipops are sweet. And lollipops are very cute and many girls like it. It's like feeling in love, making her feel sweet and happy

It is good choose to retail on your pin stores.

In Better Finish, we make and wholesale custom lollipop lapel pins cheap price.

The lollipop lapel pins made from zinc alloy material, silver or gold plating. Backside is butterfly clutch, Packed in blank bag, also can be packed with gift cards.




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Custom Design Lollipop Sweet Pins

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Lollipop Pins Artwork

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Sweet Candy Lapel Pins Cheap

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Lollipop Lapel Pins


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