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Hard Enamel McDonald Lapel Pins

Hard Enamel McDonald's Lapel Pins

McDonald's Lapel Pins

This is panda design hard enamel McDonald's Lapel Pin. Our hard enamel McDonald's Lapel Pins at cheap price no minimum.


The giant panda is a unique species in China. The main existing habitat is the mountains of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu in China. So when you see the panda, you know that is something relative with China. And M logo will let you want to have some Hamburger.


This panda M pin is made from hard enamel color. The panda have a gree banboo color. Banboo is the panda's food. Mcdonal's Hamburger and chips are ours favorit food.  There are more than 32000 fast restaurants in the McDonald's Corp.


It is distributed in 121 countries and regions around the world. McDonald's around the world makes appropriate adjustments to the locals' tastes.


Does Mcdonald's China company want us all live on the Hamburger? But better suggestion, don't eat too much Hamburger and chips. The Chinese food more helthy than that. So you can eat like panda, don't ask the panda to have the M Hamburgers.

In Better Finish, we make and wholesale custom hard enamel lapel pins at cheap price.

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Panda McDonald Lapel Pins