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Rose flower Lapel Pins

Rose flower Lapel Pins

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The sweet speing season, the roses are blooming quietly.

February 14th, this Valentine's day.

Soft feelings, full of sweetheart sweetheart.

Filled with poetic soul, a kind of journey?

On the keyboard in the heart, arrived in the brilliant spring.

The eyes have the fragrance of the roses;

Love singing in the ears;

The paper sign romantic poems and jump......

A rose lap pin as a gift is a symbol of love.

The story comes from an old legend.

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite in order to find her lover Adonis.

Running in the roses.

The rose pierced her hand and pierced her leg.

Fresh blood in the rose petals.

The White Rose became red from then on.

The red rose becomes a symbol of undying love.

Because roses symbolize love and sincere and pure love.

People use it as a token of love, the preferred flower among lovers.

Every February 14th Valentine's day, countless men and women who swim in the love river send their hearts with red roses.

So people generally give roses the title of "love flowers". Rose flower lapel pins cheap price full with valuable love.

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soft enamel flower pins

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Red rose pin

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Love Rose Pin

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Hot love flower pin