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Rotary International Lapel Pin
Rotary International Lapel Pin
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Your Rotary Lapel Pin tells the world that you are a Rotarian and pleased with it - wear it consistently! There is no better approach to begin a discussion about Rotary, and that may prompt another part for your Club. 
We have Rotary lapel pins for each conceivable event and Title. From Rotary Member Pins and Past President/Past Governor Pins to the yearly Rotary Theme Pin and extraordinary title and honor pins, you will discover precisely what you have to gladly mean your participation and relationship to Rotary. 
What's more, we can make any custom Rotary Lapel Pin you like from an assortment of styles and materials. On the off chance that you have a thought for a custom Rotary Pin for your Club or District, please email us by clicking HERE and our custom requesting pro will reach you speedily.
BetterFinish Co., Ltd is glad to display our new and restrictive Hampton Style Past President stick, thing number R10218. The words "PAST PRESIDENT" are anything but difficult to see and read contrasted with more seasoned stick outlines. This good looking new stick, gladly made in the U.S.A., is accessible in four styles and 40 distinct choices to fit any financial plan. Gold filled and 10k gold, with or without jewels or cubic zirconias.