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 Wholesale coins:

We are the coins facotry which can produce the metal coins, custom coins at cheap competitive price.
How to make the custom coins at cheap price?
Normally, the cheap coins made of zinc alloy, which can be made out more easy, the surface look can be more better than iron stam.
And can be more cheap than cooper coins. For the coins with deep 3D design, the zinc alloy material is more better than the die struck.
The zinc alloy process is injection, just use high heat to melting the material to be liquid and then inject to the hard mold, that way make out the coins exactly the same with the engraved hard mold.
Not only use the zinc alloy material can save the money to get cheap coins, to save money, it is better to make the coins to be silver plating, which is more cheap than gold plating.
Because the gold is more expansive than silver.
How to design the custom coins at cheap price?
To save money, it is better to design the standard coins, like polished metals, with sandblast background, with the metal round border a the edge.
In the past, we mae some coins without the border, that will cause much more problem during the course. And we also made some coins without sandblast at the background.
That is also a problem. So no border, no sandbalst, custom coins designs, are not standard design, which will cause much more problems. So please notice this.
Another problem is the content can't be with too small letters, which also may cause problem.
Avoid above the problems, we can make the coins at very competitive price for you for your projects.
Hope you get your satisfied coins!