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Die Struck Gold Shark 3D Pin

Die Struck Gold Shark 3D Pin

Product Parms/Size
Size:1.5inch    thickness:2.0mm
Material:zinc alloy
Style:Die struck shark pins
  • Die Struck Gold Shark 3D Pin

Die Struck Gold Shark 3D Pin

It is made from zinc alloy mateiral. The shark is 3D design with the gold plating.

Backside is butterfly clutch.

Sharks have existed on earth for five hundred million years before dinosaurs appeared three hundred million years ago, and they have barely changed in the last one hundred million years. In ancient times called shark, shark, shark and shark in the ocean, is a huge monster, so called "the sea wolf". The traditional idea is that proteins in shark cartilage (shark fins) are very high, but that's wrong. Eggs are much more protein than shark fins. In addition, studies have shown that because sharks are easy to enrich mercury, and shark fins contain a certain amount of neurotoxins, it has potential harm to human body. Because of decades of hunting, sharks are at risk of extinction.

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