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Stars Military Pin

Stars Military Pin

Product Parms/Size
Size:35mm    thickness:1.5mm
  • Stars Military Pin

Stars Military Pin

One big star in the center, and cut out shape, two wings at each side, 4 small stars under the big star.

Custom Lapel Pins

Every country have their own army.

And you know the United State Army is the strongest one on the earth, so it very easy to see the U.S. army badge in the movies or when you watch the TV.

Every year very large amount U.S. badges were produced, not only because the army is strong.

It is because in USA, personal people allowed to wear specialized badges on their uniforms because of special training or special assignments.

We list the U.S. army badges styles for your reference, so you can buy it easy and learn more information about the amy badges.

Most of the items, we have hard mold availalbe and if you need to buy some styles can get it easy.

These are only parts of the army badges, we are collecting more and more styles.


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