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Firefighter Pins

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Size:1inch    thickness:1.2mm
Style:Soft enamel pins
  • Firefighter Pins

 Firefighter Pins Fire Department Lapel Pins /National Fire Protection Association Pins


The United States is an open country, and the fire protection system in the United States is open. It has both the central national fire authority, which is directly under the federal disaster and Accident Processing Committee, and the local fire department, which is managed by the various continents. After the "9.11" incident, the state fire control administration came under the Ministry of homeland security. The state fire control administration does not directly direct the fire departments of different states, but is mainly responsible for the following 4 tasks:

(I) fire statistics, analysis and research. On the basis of voluntary submission of local fire statistics and statistics of the whole nation, comments and suggestions are made.

(two) funding for federal fire research funds. The work was assisted by a standards and Technology Institute, building and fire centre, and various research projects were identified by the centre. And then to the national tender, and the center of the experts responsible for sub item supervision and inspection, review the results, and finally reported to the National Fire Management Bureau, in the relevant departments to promote the application.

(three) the Maryland Fire Prevention Institute, under the management of the city. The main school training and on-the-job training of firefighters commanders training expenses around the fire brigade.

(four) conduct fire safety education and organize an annual fire promotion week.

The fire agencies in states and municipalities in the United States are organized by local governments, so they are diverse in form and common in state and municipal institutions:

(1) fire bureau. This is the form of organization in large and medium-sized cities. The secretary is appointed by the chief executive of the city and is responsible to the chief executive of the city.


(two) fire services department. A small number of cities are located in the police station, but there is less room for this type of fire because fire increases the workload of the public security departments.

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