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Cheap Lapel Pins

Cheap Lapel pins, Cheap Custom Pins as Low at US$0.08


As a factory from China, we produce the quality lapel pins at wholesale price as low at US$0.15/pc.


What are the cheapest styles for the custom lapel pins?

Following styles for your reference.

1. Button Pins

The button pin price is as low at US$0.08/pc for custom design, certainly need little more big order quantity.

2. Offset printing pins

Normal price for offset printing pins is US$0.25/pc, for big amount can be as low at US$0.15/pc

3. Die struck pins with out enamel color.

The die sturck pins do not filled colors are cheap price, can be at US$0.12/pc for big order. Normal price is US$0.20/pc

Above styles are the cheapest styles for your choose.


We also have other styles custom lapel pins which also can be at cheap price.

Soft enamel color custom lapel pins:

Normal price is US$0.30/pc and can be as low at US$0.20/pc, this price depand on your design colors, size, and the order quantity.

Hard enamel color custom lapel pins:

The hard enamel pins cost more than all other styles, but compare with the trading company, our facotry still can keep the price to be competitive for you.

Normal price can be at US$0.45/pc, can be as low at US$0.35/pc


Sample lead time is 8days,

Production lead time is 12days.

You can call me at +86-18688994552 to ask for more inquiry, or you can email us at to show us your design for quotation reference.

Your inquiry will be always welcome.