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Football Hard Enamel Pins

Football Hard Enamel Pins

Football Hard Enamel Pins no minimum order, round football lapel pins at factory price.

This item round football lapel pins made from die struck process. It is hard enamel pin, print on the black color on. The white background color is flat smooth.

Football has the reputation of "the world's first movement", and is the most influential individual sport in the world sports. The standard football match consists of 10 players and 1 goalkeepers, with 11 players on each side, attacking and attacking on the rectangular grass court.

Why make the football to be black and white color, like this black and white enamel football lapel pin.

Easy to watch the football game, the ball is designed to black and white, along the sun to see, white look most clearly. When you look at the sun, the black is the clearest. Therefore, to make football black and white color, in the open to watch the ball, regardless of sunny days, rainy days, along the light, against the light, people can see clearly, athletes rolling ball at the foot.


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 Round Football Enamel Lapel Pins