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How To Custom Design Pins?

How To Custom Design Pins?

Before make the custom design lapel pins, we need to confirm the artwork first of all.

so the steps are as following.

1. Design the artwrok and confirm it.

2. Mold making.

3. Produciton making.

4. Shipping to your hand.

The key step is to create the custom design for your pins.

Normally we finish the design base on your logo or your proof. Once we get the logo or proof, we will do some adjust for it, so that will be suitable for production.


1. Adjust the shape.

2. Adjust the colors.

3. Adjust the small parts to be metal lines or delete the too small parts.

4. Adjust the metal part to be 3D looking.

5. Adjust the too sharp corner to avoid damage of body.