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The Lapel Pins MOQ

What is your lapel pins MOQ?


Yes, we produce the custom lapel pins no minimum!

Why No Minimum.

1. You paide the custom hard mold.

All custom lapel pins need the custom hard mold, so before that you need to know, even make one custom pin, also will cause custom mold fee.

Normal custom fee is US$60, for special deisgn will be requote after our analysis base on the artwork.

2. To make one pin the cost alsmost the same with make 20pins-100pins

Every pin making our need the full process, so we make one pin also will need go through every produciton step, like: die struck, polish, enamel filling, plating, packing. The pins we produced are cheap per unit, so the pin cost will is only small part of the whole charge. The charge break down is as following.

- Custom hard mold fee. (the main cost for the small order)

- Sample make fee (cheap cost for the small order)

- Shipping fee ( maybe more than the samples cost)

3. We do the samll order to expand business.


betterfinish-deisgn VS Sample.jpg